This is how a session may look like with me

Tantra is meeting in the moment, without expectations. Accepting everything that is, and where everything is welcome. – In a way it´s possible to say that we meets at a zero point and from there everything can happen … This is a bit theoretical, because often we have expectations. So we start with where we actually are, and shares our expectations.

“A meeting in truth”

The room is clean and comfortable. It is relaxing, and the lighting mostly consists of candles. Often I have cleaned the room with some form of incense.

You come in and get a hug. Takes jacket and shoes off, and then we go into the treatment room.

“What is alive within you?”

I have been preparing the space with you in my mind and open myself for guidens of what may be the most supportive exercises for you that we can do today. I´m listening you your sharing of expectation and what´s alive within you now, in this moment…What brought you here today.

Then I share with you a few suggestions that I think can be good exercise for this day. You will feel into what is right for you, and take a decision from that point. Before we start; both of us will share about our healthy boundaries.

Now you can enjoy a shower and letting go of thoughts and stress from earlier this day. You can dress in a sarong (textile), around your body.

We sit down and I guide a meditation that brings us into our bodies, ending up in the heart. Now we have contact with the heart, also each other´s. Then we will be looking into each other eyes.

“Open up for more love and pleasure”

Now we go into the main exercise for today, that we agreed upon earlier. That may be one of this:

CONSCIOUS TOUCH – Light and calm touch that brings health to body and soul.

RAISE AWARENESS – here I use many different tools and exercises

BREATHING EXERCISES – Activate the whole body and express what is there.

ENERGY EXERCISES – Raising awareness of different energies we have as humans so that we recognize them in daily life and can use them with intention, or even say no thanks when that is our truth.

TANTRA MASSAGE – Awakens the life force that is the sexual energy. Afterwards, you can feel relaxed and full of energy, desire, inner contact and much more.

FULL BODY ORGASM – Opens up for a new type of pleasure. Provides a fantastic energy boost, by opening the body’s energy pathways. Here the energetic body is activated and there is minimal physical contact. Can take you to bliss.

DE-ARMORING – Opens the energy pathways in the body so everything can move more fluently. Gaining deep relaxation. From pressure, to medium pain, to pleasure. If you have tension and blockages in your body, this may be needed before you get the full benefit of “Full Body Orgasm”.

PELVIC MASSAGE – Focuses the touch around the pelvis and go deeply to release tension. Can also help those who have low blood flow to the genitals due to muscle tension. The blood flow to the genitals is important for women and men to feel pleasure in lovemaking.

LINGAM MASSAGE – For men. Softens the entire body, builds confidence and allows for greater self-acceptance. Full body touch.

YONI MASSAGE – For women. Softens the entire body, builds confidence and allows for greater self-acceptance. Full body touch.

SACRED SPOT – Relieves tension and blockages in the pelvis and opens up for more pleasure. Rosetta healing and pleasure.

COACHING – conversation with focusing on acceptance and transformation.

We conclude with integration, and possible awareness of what you want to bring with you afterwards.

«You are hold in loving space of safety and acceptance»

You can have session with all the clothes on, partially or completely naked. Everyone knows what is good for them, and follow their own truth.

We will end the session with integration and maybe you`ll have clarity of insights of what you like to bring with you into your day, into your life.

I hope this text has given you a clearer picture of what may happen in a session.

I go with the truth in the meeting.
The exploration is to find your own truth.

Everything is an invitation, and you don´t have to do anything that I invite you to do. It´s your journey. You are the master in your life.

You may achieve deep relaxation, feeling open to life and people, at ease with everything in the world, loving yourself more, getting new and profound insights, clarity about your priorities… and it may even be life changing for you.

Wish you a nice day. Warm hug from Kristin